Photo: Kristin Ladström


Registration opens at 19:00 Party 20:00-01:00

General registration opens at 19:00 and the social dance starts at 20:00. Expect the Friday night dance to last until around 01:00.


Party 21:00-03:00

Saturday night starts at 21:00 with a three hour long break after the last class. Saturday will see at least one live act and the party is expected to run until 03:00.


Party 17:30-23:00-ish

The Sunday social dance and farewell party starts right after a 30 minute all-together group activity in the big ballroom. If you really must take a relatively early train or flight, hopefully this gives you at least a little time to dance with and say goodbye to your friends, new and old. But we strongly recommend that you stay until the party ends - you know the best dances usually happen on the Sunday dance… ;)


There will be something to eat, as well as tea and coffee, at the venue during the nights. You may bring your own alcohol, but please drink responsibly.

Code of conduct

GÖTEBLUES has a code of conduct that we expect all participants to adhere to during the entire weekend. Organizers reserve the right to remove from the event anyone who mistreats others or in any other way breaks the code of conduct. We also reserve exclusive jurisdiction over any such cases, should they arise.

There is room for everyone on the dance floor GÖTEBLUES welcomes all dancers and music lovers, regardless of their sex, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disabilities or religion. We do not tolerate racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, ableist or other kind of oppressive behavior or language.

Personal boundaries are important

Respect other people’s bodies and personal boundaries. Do not touch anyone without consent. If someone tells you to stop something during an interaction, do so immediately. Each person decides their own personal boundaries.

Ask about dance roles

Don’t take dance roles for granted. Ask which role someone wants to have in the dance and if they want to switch roles during the dance. A person’s role preference may change over the course of a night, or even over the course of a dance. To ensure that you help to create a safe and friendly environment we recommend that you have open communication with your dance partner.

Ask for a second dance

In some places it is common to dance two dances with the same person. There are no such expectations at our event. If you want to dance a second dance with somebody, then ask for another dance.

You can say no

If someone asks you for a dance or a second dance and you don’t want to, say “no thanks”. You do not have to give an explanation.

Accept a no

If you ask for a dance or a second dance and someone says “no, thank you”, accept and be ok with it.

Dance safely

Don’t do any aerials or lifts on the social dance floor and don’t dip anyone that hasn’t given their consent.

We take care of each other

We are here for you! We encourage anyone who feels unsafe, harassed or witnesses inappropriate behavior to tell the organizers. We will do our best to support you and we will be as confidential and sensitive as possible when taking any further action.

Harassing someone will have consequences.

These may include being asked to leave and a report being made to the police.

We are creating this festival together, organizers as well as participants. If you have any thoughts about the code of conduct or other ideas to improve the event then please don’t hesitate to contact us.